Transformative Programs and Products Designed for Purpose-Driven Women.
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Dear Purposeful Woman,,

I’m so glad you’re here! Now let’s get to work!



I believe the impossible is available to you and me.

I believe the dreams and visions God beautifully tucked into our heart are attainable - but I also believe we have work to do, work that starts from within. It’s so important that we intentionally work to identify and overcome the stubborn beliefs and habits that limit us from reaching our full potential.

So I design transformative programs and products for purpose-driven women who are ready to master their mindset, rewrite the stories they tell ourselves daily, and create a life that radiates their God-given purpose.

My goal is for women to experience sustainable transformation - starting from the inside out.


In 2018 I started a campaign to encourage purpose-driven women to courageously discover, declare and live their mission daily. Your mission stems from your purpose - it’s how you live out your purpose daily. I genuinely care about the work that I do, and I believe when women encourage one another, mountains move!


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I was born and raised in London, England and have lived in Georgia, US for the past five years.

Back in 2009, I took a leap of faith at 19 year’s old and decided to do a study abroad year in the US, and fell in love! (literally and figuratively lol). After returning to the UK to complete my undergraduate degree in Marketing and TV Production, I returned to the US a few years later to do my masters in Social Science.

The rest is history!

I am a passionate writer, marketing specialist, and self-proclaimed tea connoisseur. I love traveling and exploring my many passions and interests. This season of my life is all about breaking free from self-imposed limits about my identity, faith, purpose, and lifestyle while helping other women to do the same.

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