A Prayer for Courage in the Workplace


Heavenly Father,

I thank you for the opportunity to rise each morning and go to work. I thank you for the gifts, skills, and abilities you have given me to positively influence my place of work on a daily basis. Lord, I ask that you give me a nudge in my spirit whenever I am fearfully shying away and not owning the gifts you have given me to share.

Help me Lord to speak up in intimidating situations with the same grace and love you show me daily. Help me to embrace the process of being developed and refined even when it hurts.

Help me to see the best in every situation and to be a problem solver instead of a problem dweller.

Connect me with the right people and purposeful opportunities at work and beyond.

Reveal to me the areas I need to improve so I can continue to grow where you have planted me.

Remind me of the courage I possess when I steadfastly walk with you and trust the steps you have ordered.

May the light you have given me shine brighter each day and may courage forever be my shield when fear attempts to hold me bound.

In Jesus' name, I pray.


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Shandice Stallworth | DPW Founder

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