Don’t You Dare Compare: Cultivating Gratefulness

Guest Post Written by Annalice Daniel

Guest Post Written by Annalice Daniel

We are all guilty of that little jealous feeling we get when we are scrolling through Instagram seeing that person taking their 2nd trip for the year, or someone buying their 1st or 2nd home, getting engaged or married, opening their own business or getting that promotion. We then question, “when is my blessing coming?”

When will I be able to make more money, or why haven’t I found my dream man?

We are all guilty of comparing ourselves in one way or another to strangers and even our friends.

Social media does not make it any easier not to compare, but what I have learned about comparing yourself to others is: People only show you what they want you to see.

We see the glitz and the glam, but very rarely do we see the hard work, the pain and the struggle it took to get there. Just think about your own life, what do you share, as well as refrain from sharing on social media? Let’s look at celebrities, a lot of us believe that we would love the fame and the money, but are we ready to give up total privacy and do all it takes to be famous? Hunnie, I need a nap just thinking about it!

On another note, we all know or have seen that one couple that post and show off their relationship as if it is ALL perfect, but behind the pictures, there are often painful stories about their relationship that we do not see. Or that one person who is successful in their business making six figures, traveling and #livingtheirbestlife, but what we didn’t see is the stress, the struggle, maybe even homelessness that all let up to them being where they are today. In reality, there are things we do not see that we may not be willing to do to get to where he or she is currently in their lives.

God has not given us all the same gifts or talents, nor is he going to give us things what we are not ready to receive. In this moment of our lives, there is a blessing and a lesson that will take us to where HE wants us to be.

Don’t think for one second that you cannot achieve success or that you don’t have what it takes to achieve your goals and dreams. God has a path set out for each and every one of us. It is vital that in the moments when we start to compare ourselves and start to feel disheartened or disillusioned about our lives that we combat those thoughts with gratefulness.

Let us be grateful for our experiences, our past, present, and future blessings, and take comfort in knowing that our time is coming and that things will get better. For one, we are not where we were last year or even five years ago! Think about that for a second, God is working in you and through you!

I challenge you to stay in a place of gratefulness, each day write down or simply think about a few things you are grateful for. I did this in 2014 while at graduate school for a few months; I wrote down everything I could think about for that day that I was grateful for, and it was such a joy going back and reading those again years later!

What are you grateful for today? And how can you intentionally cultivate gratefulness moving forward?

Annalice Daniel | DPW Guest Writer

Annalice is originally from Trinidad and Tobago, but now resides in Georgia with her husband and dog Boone. She is a dynamic life and relationship coach, who encourages women through sharing stories and inspiring them to live their best life. Annalice is a true believer that “everything happens for a reason,” and teaches women how they too can find purpose in each season!