Embrace Your Process

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Dear Purposeful Woman,

Over the past six months, I have experienced a complete mindset shift. I have taken a seat and asked myself the difficult questions. What do you truly desire? Are you wholeheartedly using what God has placed in your hands? Are you seeking community or seeking followers to validate your purpose? What do you want your words and thoughts to manifest in the world around you?

So I began a journey of discovery, I challenged myself to build from the inside out. I slowed down despite my constant nudge for urgency. I simply breathed and became the message I passionately share with others. When we embrace our process, we experience lasting progress.

Dear Purposeful Woman, what are the questions swirling around in your mind that you have yet to take a seat long enough to answer? What is the word you speak but struggle to live? We live in a world where many are chasing glitter to appear as gold. But I challenge us as purposeful women to flip the script and seek substance that stands the test of time.

The process of being refined and renewed, challenged and pushed to victory. Though we often resist the difficult work, it bears fruit that lasts. It ignites the light and inspires others to commit to their process with courage.

Much love, always,

Shandice xo



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Shandice Stallworth | DPW Founder

Dear Purposeful Woman is on a mission to transform how women see themselves, live their faith and walk with purpose daily. I hope my products, programs, and resources encourage you along your purposeful journey. You are here for a purpose, one that lives in the big and small moments of everyday life. Most importantly, it lives within you.

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