Flawed But Purposed | 4 Tips for Uncovering Purpose

Guest Post Written By Jamelia Blackman-Sonny

Guest Post Written By Jamelia Blackman-Sonny

The flames engulfed our entire backyard and wrapped around my body. For a moment I had no idea what was happening and where I was. It all happened so quickly. I watched as my mother froze in the doorway with a look of horror plastered on her face. Before I knew it, I was being rushed to the hospital with third-degree burns. 

I spent months in the hospital. And while my burns healed overtime scars were now visible which ultimately damaged my self-esteem, my perspective, and my relationships. Not only was I dealing with internal issues but I was being scorned and ridiculed at school. The friends that I once knew looked at me differently and other times I would meet strangers on the street who'd ask "what's wrong with her face." I felt so out of place as if I didn't belong. And although I did countless surgeries year after year I was already broken within; the kind of brokenness that I learned - only God can heal.

I just wanted to fit in. To be normal; to feel normal. But I didn’t.

That incident resulted in a life without care; without purpose. I partied; I did everything I knew as normal because all I desired was to feel wanted, loved and valued. I tried so hard to fit in, and for some reason, I just couldn't seem to.

That went on for a few years. I had no idea who I was and whose I was. I just existed. I suffered from low self-esteem, no confidence, zero worth and insecurities until the change that I needed came. I made the decision to give my life to Christ. I answered the call to faith and a purposed life.

It was refreshing, like a breath of fresh air. As my relationship with Him grew a new me began to emerge. I started hating things I usually loved, I started making better decisions, and I started living on purpose. 

That's a bit of my story. All in all, I've been there and done that. I know what it's like to live with no purpose, no care in the world and no idea of who I am. So here are a few ways I started uncovering purpose and you can too:

  1. Begin to develop a relationship with God; the way you would any other relationship. Draw near to him, and he will draw near to you.

  2. Be intentional about spending time studying the word of God, getting to know more about what He wants for you. As you do this, you will begin to notice His responses back to you. It will be the game changer in your life.

  3. Love yourself. This truly happens when you allow the love of Christ to penetrate your heart and you then begin to see yourself through His eyes despite your flaws and your mistakes.

  4. Understand that your disappointments and struggles all happened for a reason. It's like putting a beautiful jigsaw puzzle together with the good, the bad and the ugly. They all work for your good. What comes at the end is something beautiful and whole.

We are all purposed for something. You weren't an accident and you're not here to just exist. And no matter what your experiences were your life has value. You were born on purpose for a purpose, and you can begin to uncover your purpose daily by practicing the tips above.

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Jamelia Blackman-Sonny | DPW Guest Writer

My name is Jamelia: wife, mama and Jesus lover. I love encouraging and inspiring other women to live their best lives. My mission is simple to encourage the queen in you to shine and I do so via my blog and community.