I Chose “Realistic” as One of My 2018 Words, Here’s Why

Guest Post Written by Annalice Daniel

Guest Post Written by Annalice Daniel

Ever since college, I would use a particular word or phrase to guide my year. This word or phrase would be my go-to for every and any situation that would occur.  It was a phrase or word I would live by because words are powerful! Well, this year I have two words: Realistic and Relax.

Realistic: Some may look at this word and automatically associate it with words such as “limitations” and “settling.” Some people may feel being realistic means I am putting God in a box. I want to make it clear that from my experiences, God has shown me He has no limitations!

After reflecting on my weight loss struggles, health journey, and a few other aspiration re-attempts in 2018, I chose the word “realistic.” I say it with the understanding that to achieve my goals I must do my part and put in the work alongside the grace and mercy God gives me. Though I may have the faith of a mustard seed, I must plant/sow the seed, water, nurture, and protect it. I must also pray that it comes to fruition.

When I say “realistic,” I am referring to the creation and achievement of the short-term goals that will eventually take you to your destination and beyond.

Realistic living requires acknowledgment of the sacrifices and the patience needed to get to the other side of your goal.

It also requires a change in mindset when setting goals. It’s taking that first step; staying consistent, and remaining in the game long enough to pass “go” and collect $200!

As human beings living in today’s world with so many external and societal pressures around us, especially in this “get it now” or “get rich quick” society, it is tough for us to stay consistent, work hard and smart, pray, sacrifice, and be patient. Every new year, we set ourselves up with a laundry list of things we want to achieve. We create a list of destination end-goals but no list of short-term goals or road maps of how we will get there and achieve those goals. Essentially, we set ourselves up for failure because our goals are not realistic. They do not correlate with what we were planning to do or failed to plan for.

By no means am I saying to change your goals or dreams or even lower your expectations. Rather, I am advocating that we stop beating ourselves up about goals we did not prepare to achieve. Instead, we should work on creating realistic roadmaps we can stick to and achieve small wins.

I challenge you to go back and take a look at your 2018 resolutions. Look at the ones you have yet to start. Try to take a more realistic approach to your goals. Think about the step-by-step actions you need to take to succeed. Do your part and at the same time, allow God to do His!

Now stay tuned for why I chose “relax” as my second word for 2018!

So, what’s your word and are you working it?

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Annalice Daniel | DPW Guest Writer

Annalice is originally from Trinidad and Tobago, but now resides in Georgia with her husband and dog Boone. She is a dynamic life and relationship coach, who encourages women through sharing stories and inspiring them to live their best life. Annalice is a true believer that “everything happens for a reason,” and teaches women how they too can find purpose in each season!