Loving Yourself Leads to Purpose

Guest Post Written by Annalice Daniel

Guest Post Written by Annalice Daniel

Self-love is an endless journey, one that requires your attention and conscious daily effort.

Choosing to love yourself can be a difficult task to undergo. There are things we are ashamed of and unwilling to accept, along with bad habits and attitudes that aren't easy to break. However, not accepting and loving yourself today can hinder you from becoming the best version of yourself tomorrow.

To live purposefully, the way God intended, requires that we know and understand our purpose. Not loving yourself can ultimately blind you from seeing your true purpose and potential in this life. And though getting to a place of self-love and purpose is not easy and takes a significant amount of time, energy, patience and persistence, it's worth it!

To find our purpose is to find the reason God created us, the reason we are who we are, and the reason we went through what we went through to bring us to this present moment. Loving the woman God created you to be is one sure way to encourage you to live each day with purpose.

So, how do you get to a place of self-love?

- Choose you!

- Choose to be your most authentic self.

- Draw closer to God.

- Get to know yourself by dating yourself.

- Do the things you love to do!

- Set goals, dream big.

- Love who God created you to be; inside and out.

- Be kind to yourself.

- Write down things that you love about yourself, your best qualities and talents.

Now, the goal is to start the process by starting with self-discovery and progressing with self-love, this is a process that many of us try to delay and even avoid, but it is an essential process, for our mental and emotional well being. It also brings about changes in your life; starting from the inside out.


One must be prepared to face the consequences that occur once we decide to love ourselves, not only do you change but the perspective that people once had of you changes. Most times other people's perspective of you turns negative even though you are in a place of self-love and self-acceptance.

This is sometimes the biggest thing about self-love that individuals are least prepared for. Though it leads to you being more positive and sure about yourself, your dreams and overall more confident in who you are as an individual, you also deal with side effects of disconnecting with people that you once had in your inner circle. Friendships change and become either more or less meaningful.

As you get to a place of self love, you will feel closer to finding your true purpose. I challenge you today to start or continue on the path of loving yourself. Spend Quality time getting to know yourself, think about the person you want to become and do the necessary work to get there.

There is nothing more beautiful than a Woman who loves herself as God intended.

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Annalice Daniel | DPW Guest Writer

Annalice is originally from Trinidad and Tobago, but now resides in Georgia with her husband and dog Boone. She is a dynamic life and relationship coach, who encourages women through sharing stories and inspiring them to live their best life. Annalice is a true believer that “everything happens for a reason,” and teaches women how they too can find purpose in each season!