Meet Asea Mae, “Blending” Makeup and Motivation to Encourage and Inspire Women

Twin Mom and Entrepreneur | Asea Mae

Twin Mom and Entrepreneur | Asea Mae

This month’s feature is a dear friend of mine, Asea Mae.

Asea is a 25-year-old, multi-faceted Twin Mom and Entrepreneur. She is a Dallas, Texas-based freelance content creator who manages two platforms: AseaMae Beauty, which is a platform for natural hair care and handmade afro-textured wigs and The Brown Girl Swatches, which is a makeup platform created to help women of color find brown girl friendly products. (And let me brag on her for a minute!) Asea’s Youtube Channel has over 5,000,000 views and over 46,000 subscribers!

In her interview, Asea shares her passion for beauty wrapped in God’s truth and how she plans to help women across the globe heal from their past and walk in boldness and victory.

What is AseaMae Beauty?

Click this image for 20% off Asea’s newest collection. Coupon Code “PURPOSE”

Click this image for 20% off Asea’s newest collection. Coupon Code “PURPOSE”

AseaMae Beauty is a movement created to encourage and inspire women. I utilize my knowledge of natural hair care, wig creation, and creative art to spread God’s truth. Through YouTube and Instagram, I strive to give my knowledge of 4c hair care freely. Protective styles have been a major part of my hair growth journey. Wearing wigs and braids really helped me to reach mid-back length. I decided to build a hair company based on integrity to provide quality wigs to my clients. I now use my wig-making ability to provide custom kinky-textured wigs and set aside a portion of the proceeds to make a difference.

What led you to want to donate 5% of your proceeds to creating custom units for women (in your words) “thriving” through cancer and alopecia?

I’ve never wanted to be just another beauty brand. I believe God has called me to touch lives and help women through their healing process. Providing custom units to women gives me an opportunity to not only give them handmade units, but I get to share in their stories and encourage them on their journeys. I wanted to find a way to use my gifts for God’s glory, and I found peace in the idea of serving women with hair loss as many women in my family currently battle with cancer and alopecia.

Where did your entrepreneurial journey begin?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur. In middle school, I would sell gum and snacks to the kids between classes. All throughout high school and college, I provided hair services and was diligent in maintaining clients. I always had the mentality that I would be working for myself. I had dreams of opening my own private practice for counseling services, beginning my own domestic violence shelter, and starting a hair company. I can safely say my dreams have not died. For now, I will continue to focus on my hair company, but as time passes, I trust that God will allow me to flourish in all of my talents.

What advice would you give to the woman who wants to become a Youtuber but is too afraid to pull out a camera and get started?

Just do it! There is never a right moment. I remember always wanting to start a channel and talking to myself in the mirror as though I was doing hair tutorials. Finally, I decided to just go for it. I filmed my first video on an iPad. It wasn’t the best quality, but my video got over 20,000 views. It was the beginning, and I was so afraid. I literally just had to jump, or I would have never started. Since then, I have come to know my own voice and am unapologetically me. Just do it! There is never a right moment.

The Brown Girl Swatches – Makeup Platform for Women of Color

The Brown Girl Swatches – Makeup Platform for Women of Color

Why is it important for you to “blend” makeup and motivation?

I really desire to touch women in the beauty industry. There is so much brokenness and a lack of women who are unashamed of the gospel. Blending makeup and motivation is an authentic way to engage and share God’s truth. It is fun and creative.

How do you balance being a mother of twins, a wife, and an entrepreneur?

It’s very challenging, but I have learned that I can’t do everything. I plan out my weeks and really take advantage of early mornings and nap time. The biggest lesson I learned thus far is to listen to my body and take time off when I need it. God has shown me time and time again that He is faithful to sustain everything He has given me. I can trust Him to hold everything down when I need rest.  

What has been your greatest challenge along your purposeful journey and how did you overcome it/how are you working to overcome it?

My biggest challenge has been comparing myself to fellow content creators and being fixated on achieving results. I truly have to cast down comparison-oriented thoughts and remind myself of God’s Word. It’s honestly a constant renewal of my mind, and I have found that over time, it has gotten easier. However, when it comes to results-oriented thinking, it stemmed from my childhood. I always felt like I had to work to earn my value. So anytime I create or put myself out there, I expect high results. God is faithful and has helped me to not only identify the roots of my insecurities, but He is actively helping me to see my value in Him. It’s gotten easier over the years, I am embracing the purpose and impact my work has in the kingdom, rather than the praise and acceptance I receive here on earth.

What advice would you give to purpose-driven women who want to do it all?

Go for it! Just seek God first and trust His timing and wisdom for all you are called to do.

In your words, what does it mean to you to be a “Dear Purposeful Woman?”

A Dear Purposeful Woman is unapologetic about her love for Christ and embraces God’s will for her life with Courage and Faith.

Asea Mae Beauty

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