The Truth About Your Calling

Confused about your calling? Watch this video.

You don't need to search for it or chase it down. It isn't this “one big thing” that defines your whole existence. It isn't something to be worshipped or held above our relationship with God. Truth is, our calling finds us in the day to day and the ups and downs. It whispers in our ears when we diligently seek God’s voice.

It says:

"Be a faithful partner and friend."

"Share my grace through your words and actions."

"Walk in love and be a vessel of change."

“Calling” partners with our purpose daily - it patiently awaits our obedience and commitment to building an authentic relationship with the one who created us.

So often we seek a calling but fail to seek God. We seek a purpose but fail to position ourselves to be used in the everyday moments of life.

Dear Purposeful Woman, seek Him first the Kingdom of God and everything else will fall into place. Today holds meaning - no more or no less than tomorrow will. So embrace the now and watch your story beautifully unfold.

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Shandice Stallworth | DPW Founder

Dear Purposeful Woman is on a mission to transform how women see themselves, live their faith and walk with purpose daily. I hope my products, programs, and resources encourage you along your purposeful journey. You are here for a purpose, one that lives in the big and small moments of everyday life. Most importantly, it lives within you.

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