When You Don’t Feel Good Enough

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Whenever I don’t feel “good enough,” too broken to make a difference, too quiet to be heard, I repeat the following statement: I was not created to be a clone of someone else.

I was not created to be a clone of someone else.

As long as we adopt the perceived wholesomeness of others as benchmarks for our successes, failures, and abilities, we will never be satisfied with the women God created us to be. We will always find a reason to see ourselves as less than God intended us to. I had to ask myself, “When you say you are not ‘good enough,’ who are you comparing yourself to? Whose standards are you attempting to uphold?”

Fulfillment is birthed through embracing what makes you unique in its fullness. Embracing God’s plan and assignment for your life, instead of conforming to a distorted idea of who you should be. Even when pain, imperfections, and insecurities attempt to throw you off course and disguise themselves as disqualifiers for greatness, remember God is your qualifier. His track record proves He uses even broken people to do great things.


You must be willing to patiently work through your perceived limitations. Pay close attention to how you process your pain, experiences, and thoughts. And most importantly, you cannot rely on where someone else is to define where you should be. You are not ahead, and you are not behind. You are on your own unique journey, one that should not be defined by someone else’s position.

You are good enough.

You are usable in God’s eyes.


Take your eyes off her or him and look to the One who created you.

I’m not saying it’s easy; it’s a process! But when you decide to take a stand against the destructive patterns in your life and cleave to the Word of God, day by day, you will begin to feel the wind beneath your wings lift you up and lead you to flourish in truth.

In short, you need to know who you are.

– You are God’s child [Galatians 3:26]

– You are abundantly loved [Romans 5:8]

– You are the salt and light of the earth [Matthew 5:13-14]

– You are fearfully and wonderfully made [Psalm 139:14]


Take a moment to write down 4 self-affirming statements that encourage you to embrace your journey. Who you are now and who you are becoming by the grace of God. Take one courageous step at a time. “One” is all you need.

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Shandice Stallworth | DPW Founder

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