Who Am I to Be Used By God?

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When God told Moses He wanted to use him to deliver His people out of Egypt, Moses replied, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?” [Exodus 3:11].

We all have our “Who Am I?” responses when God calls us to be used by Him.

Who am I to make a difference?

Who am I to share my story?

Who am I to be great?

Sometimes, we get so caught up in who we are not that we forget who we are through Him. We forget that God is the great I AM and will faithfully complete His assignment through us [Exodus 3:14]. Rest assured He won’t call you to do something that doesn’t require His guidance. Have you noticed that God will call you to face the very thing you run from to show you who He is?

At various points of my life, I have run from challenges that require me to lose control and trust God wholly. Each and every time, I have felt God whisper, “Shandice, if only you knew what lived on the other side of your discomfort.” Countless times, I have held back in an attempt to protect myself from failure and disappointment. However, God continues to remind me that when we walk in accordance with His plan, no matter how scary the journey, He will cover and lead us to the promised land.


Every day is an opportunity to make a difference and allow God’s presence to set you and others free. Simply say, “Lord, I am available to You. I am open to Your presence. Open to You using me, and open to You making me over.”


I challenge you as I challenge myself to let God use you in a mighty way, here and now.  Face your fears with courage and trust that the great I AM is with you.

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Shandice Stallworth | DPW Founder

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