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 Are you interested in applying for the program but would like to hear directly from women who have taken it before? I asked past participants a series of questions and have documented their answers below!

Why did you participate in this program, what did you gain, and what was your favorite part?

The Dear Purposeful Women Circle of Transformation Program was more than I could have imagined it would be.

I chose to participate because the purpose of the program aligned with the self-development and fulfillment journey I was on. It incorporated finding my purpose and understanding my calling - not just what my skills for a career were. It was what I found both most beneficial and that I looked forward to. I truly enjoyed the weekly discussions and the tools provided each week. - Chemyeeka Tumblin, Nashville, TN

I participated in the program to jumpstart my journey of seeking Christ in a deeper, more consistent way with like minded women.

I gained just that, despite some personal challenges along the way. Shandice provides a beautiful framework for you to take beyond this program to make sustainable positive life changes. - Joy, Berrien Springs, MI

I joined the program because I was at a point in my life where I was extremely overwhelmed and feeling like my cup had run dry.

I needed to allow someone else to pour into me and that's what this program did. I learned the importance of taking time to explore who I am, what I like or dislike, and question why I act or react the way that I do. Learning that I tell myself stories is helping me to adjust my inner narrative and therefore have a better influence on those around me. My favorite part was definitely journaling as that is how I communicate best; through writing. Sharing inner thoughts verbally is harder for me, so writing helps to tackle that. Then the live calls gave me an opportunity to share what was on my heart. - Felecia, Nassau, Bahamas

How beneficial was the community element of this program?

It was very meaningful to get varied input from women from different backgrounds. It was an eye opener. - Joy, Berrien Springs, MI

The community element was useful because I got to learn from the experiences of others. Hearing what other women have to say in response to a question gave me greater clarity. Community is always good, especially a safe community, free of judgment. - Felecia, Nassau, Bahamas

It was my favorite part and assisted me in understanding and accepting pieces of my own journey. - Chemyeeka, Nashville, TN

Your greatest program takeaway in one sentence…

Taking the time to know your inner story helps you write a better story. - Felecia, Nassau, Bahamas

This program taught me to be more intentional about appreciating my ‘present situations’ and committing to the process vs the outcome. - Joy, Berrien Springs, MI

I learned that hearing GOD comes in many forms and for some we hear Him without knowing it. - Chemyeeka, Nashville, TN

What would you say to other women interested in participating in this program?

Don’t hesitate! If God has led you to know about this program, Know that He wants to give you More of Him and take you higher! - Joy, Berrien Springs, MI

This program is meant for any woman no matter if you think you know your purpose or you don't. - Chemyeeka, Nashville, TN

It's worth it. You never lose when you invest in self-improvement. - Felecia, Nassau, Bahamas

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Ready to embark on a journey of transformation - starting from the inside out?

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