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Dear Purposeful Woman,

I still remember the first time I wrote the words “Dear Purposeful Woman,” it was followed by these words:

I know you struggle with being yourself at times. You battle between expressing the true you and the "you" the world expects. But you have a purpose, one that breaks through the walls of any image placed on your shoulders without your permission. So today, BE YOU.

When I wrote those words on September 28, 2015, little did I know they would be the start of a movement, a community of women who like me desired to uncover and embrace their God-given purpose with courage.

"Purpose" is a word we frequently hear in this day and age, along with the word calling. More and more people are desperately seeking a purpose that gives them a place in this world and a calling that gives them a mission to pursue each day. At the beginning of my own journey, I spent more time than I would like to admit, searching for purpose and permission to live the life I believed God created me for. So much so, I despised the days that didn’t resemble the vision I had held for myself. I rejected the journey in search of the destination.

Now, I thank God for the struggles, the ups, and downs that have led me to this point.

You see, those moments we often pray away prepare purposeful women like you and I to do great things in ordinary moments. They refine us, nurture us, and position us to be a blessing - fulfilling our purpose daily. I used to think my purpose was this “one big thing.” I now see that purpose lives in every day and every moment; most importantly, it lives within me and you.

Purpose is waking up each morning asking God, “use me today.”

Purpose is a daily call to action. It calls you to pay close attention to the gifts God has placed in your hands and the opportunities that surround you to step out in faith and make a difference.

My ultimate goal with Dear Purposeful Woman is to lead women back to the one who created us, and use my gifts to help others use theirs. I pray you uncover those purpose-filled gems within, that sparks joy and creativity and challenges you daily to grow and share your uniqueness with the world.

Whether you read a quote on social media, purchase a journal, or complete one of my programs, I pray with all my heart that they fill you with the courage you need to be the woman you were made to be and create a life that radiates your God-given purpose.

Much love, ALWAYS,

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